La casa del faro

A space for reflecting here water flows with a rhythm inspired on tidal changes and the strength of waves in coastal cavities

The lighthouse

For many years, the Lighthouse of the Santa Klara Island in San Sebastian has been empty and abandoned.

Inspired by the wild nature of the island, so close to the city and by the outstanding geology of the Basque country coast, the sculptor Cristina Iglesias, has produced works that transform the interior of the Lighthouse, restoring it and converting it into a startling sculptural place. The fused geological strata and the water sequences transport the visitor to an experience in deep time.

Reaching the island by boat and contemplating the rocks and the waves from the tracks leading to the Lighthouse is essential for the idea of Iglesias and her sculpture for this unique place.

Beyond the transformation of the Lighthouse, the Island, so present in the city, maintains at the same time its mystery, and remains intact.


A new milestone for the city of San Sebastian.

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